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The conclusion of your divorce does not guarantee that you will receive your portion of the retirement benefits. A QDRO, described as a court order, must be prepared, signed, and submitted to the plan at a judge's direction for the Plan to perform their duty to act in accordance with your property settlement agreement and decree.  At QDRO Solutions Group, LLC we provide the services and guidance necessary to help you navigate the division of retirement or pension plans pursuant to divorce. Our team will work with your attorney to help ensure the division of retirement assets is handled smoothly and in the client's best interest.


Sharon Diamant, Esq., of Diamant Gerstein, LLC, is our team-lawyer who provides legal review, guidance, and approval of the Order. She writes the Order and vets the documents in accordance with the marital agreement and the Plan's specific language. In other words, we receive a pre-approval of our draft model that allows for a seamless submission with greater accuracy. Our strategy is to maximize your performance. The Order is prepared, submitted to the Court for signature, and the signed Order is sent with the appropriate documents directly to the Plan.


We follow the process from beginning to end and work with the Plan to divide the assets in favor of the Alternate Payee.


We keep you informed throughout the process including final documentation so that you can close your file with confidence that the process has been completed and that the retirement plan has, in fact, been divided.


Veralynn Morris, CDFA

Veralynn is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)™ and Financial Services Professional with more than 30 years of experience in the area of retirement plans including pensions, and defined contribution plans such a 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs, profit sharing plans, ESOP Plans and other retirement plans.  Throughout her career, she has designed Pension Plans, and installed and managed 401(k) Plans in accordance with Plan Administrator guidelines.  Veralynn has been published in Lawyer Magazine in the area of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.  




O: 301.829.8603 ext. 101

F: 301.829.8604

Sharon Diamant, Esq.
Diamant Gerstein, LLC

Sharon T. Diamant, Esq. has been working as an attorney for over twenty years. In October 2000, she became a prosecutor in the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office. She left the state’s attorney’s office in 2002 and practiced Criminal Law in Hillsborough County, Florida for two years before returning to the state’s attorney’s office in 2004. Ms. Diamant remained at the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office until 2010, when she opened her own office and went into private practice. While a prosecutor, she handled a wide variety of matters in the District Court Unit.

For the past ten years, Sharon has specialized her practice on criminal law and domestic law. She regularly appears before Magistrates and Judges on all issues surrounding criminal law and domestic law, to include: contested and uncontested divorce, child custody, child support, peace and protective orders, and post-judgment issues.  Sharon also handles cases that cross over between criminal and domestic law.


O: 301.829.8603 ext. 102

F: 410-829- 8604

Robert G. Reilly | QDRO Solutions Group | Frederick Maryland
Robert G. Reilly, CPA

Rob received his B.A. from SUNY at Stony Brook and his M.B.A. from Adelphi University. After working in private industry in a managerial capacity for fifteen years, Rob became a CPA, and spent five years in public accounting. Rob has over 20 years of experience in consulting, audit and tax. 

In his accounting practice, Rob, is well-respected in the area of divorce, division of retirement plans and their taxation. His specialty in divorce makes him a valuable asset to our firm.


O: 301.829.8603 ext. 103

F: 410-829- 8604

 Carol Niedringhaus, Administrative Assistant

Carol graduated in 2019 from Shepherd University with a Bachelor of Music Education. She has worked for both Frederick County and Washington County Public Schools before joining the QDRO Solutions team as an administrative assistant. Working directly with Veralynn Morris, Carol helps to manage QDRO's online resources and keeps client information organized and accessible to the team. She will be attending Carnegie Mellon University starting in the Fall of 2020 to begin work on a Master's degree in Arts Management.  


C: 240.357.5886

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