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QDRO Solutions Group, LLC

Let Our Process Provide the Solution

Clients may be unsure about how to get their retirement funds after divorce and often find themselves overwhelmed with the procedure. Many times, once a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) is submitted to the Court, the process stops there. QDRO Solutions Group, LLC take the process a step beyond the initial submission to the Plan.  

For lawyers and clients, we perform a valuable service. We work directly with you and the Plan so that your retirement is transferred without unnecessary delays. QDRO Solutions Group, LLC works to make sure the client receives his or her share of the retirement assets in a timely fashion. We work the Plan to make sure your funds arrive in your own retirement account efficiently. 


Our goal is the same as yours; to complete the process. All parties can close their file with confidence and proper documentation proving that the requirements of the Order have been satisfied.

Allow QDRO Solutions Group, LLC, to assist in taking the mystery out of transferring your retirement assets. Our fee includes all work from the beginning to the end of the process and all required Plan documents and confirmations will be provided. By working directly with your Plan on your behalf you will receive confirmation that you can close your case with confidence. 

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